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Regalwood Consulting - Services


Consulting services vary depending on the size of the business, number of employees and the range of activity that is taking place. A business with a large volume of inventory will often require our expertise and knowledge in properly accounting for inventory.

A business with a large volume of inventory and a mixture of salon members that are independent contractors and employees can be complex. We implement strategies that are conducive to the growth of the business and maximize on every square footage occupied. Additional Consulting services include: Leadership Assessments for salon members, Federal and state sales tax reporting, Payroll tax recognition, Analysis on Leverage position and Assistance with lease negotiations.

Our consulting services include...

  • Getting stylists started as a business entity (must be licensed as a hair professional)
  • Leadership assessments for salon members
  • Federal and State sales tax reporting
  • Payroll tax recognition
  • Analysis on leverage position
  • Assistance with lease negotiations


This area of our business focuses on creating product visibility for developers of beauty products within beauty shops. Creating slogans that are compatible with the vision of the business and not convoluted is another aim within our marketing services. Additional marketing services include creation of logo images developed by a partner company of our client’s choice and other strategic marketing initiatives that are tailored to the client’s specifications.

Our marketing services include...

  • Product visibility for developers of beauty products
  • Create slogans that are compatible with client's vision
  • Additional marketing initiatives that are customized specifically for clients' needs


This is the area where balancing salon related tasks pertaining to profit recognition, staff retention and addressing customer needs or complaints will no longer be a burden. We provide onsite workshops and online webinars with critical and relevant content to salon staff as it pertains to salon etiquette and other educational nuances to better serve clients. Presenting such workshops helps to build a cohesive unit that is also conducive to the healthy growth of the business. Training for front-desk operations are also provided to better equip the ‘gatekeeper’ of your business.

Our management services include...

  • Human resource functions
    • Background checks for new salon members
    • Training for front-desk operations
    • Staff retention controls
  • Properly addressing customer needs or complaints
  • Inventory management
  • Realizing profit recognition
  • Financial statement reconciliations