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The Premiere Guide For Beauty Operations

This is the salon consulting guide that will leave an intrinsic value on the table for any beauty professional out there. There are levels to starting and maintaining a beauty operation, especially with the intent to achieve longevity. As it is often said and heard, it is easy to get in the industry but hard to stay. This claim is subjective taking into consideration several factors.

This Salon Consulting Guide aims to expose operational procedures that can be multifaceted in the way any beauty professional wishes to implement such processes. It's okay and it's understood that barbershop and salon atmospheres vary in style as well as the demographics of the clientele, however, structure is necessary.

Information presented throughout this book takes the reader from beginning to end without complicating the processes, starting with the thoughts and aspirations of starting in the industry, education, building relations, technology, being a community “Change Agent”, tax matters and much more.