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Exceptional in Every Way! Cynthia is exceptional in every way! As a professional accountant, her skills and professionalism are truly rare. Cynthia has a deep understanding of intricate financial details, no matter how complex they are. And her strategic thinking *chef’s kiss*... it’s unmatched!! As a client and observer, I have experienced her consistently providing insightful advice that optimizes financial outcomes and success. - Dr. L. White

Regalwood Consulting service demonstrates passion and professionalism in the services they provide. The owner’s knowledge and experience as a tax auditor has guided me in income tax preparation and business development opportunities. Regalwood’s expertise is fueled by passion and governed with integrity. I trust their advice and can depend on their services. - T. Williams

Regalwood Consulting goes above and beyond when it comes to helping their clients reach their goals. The Regalwood team is very knowledgeable and works around the clock to make sure you succeed! - M. Hughes

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